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archive-title Monthly Archives: December 2017

Monthly Archives: December 2017

Traditional pre-New Year’s bike ride Grandfather Frosts

We really have something about bicycles at winter here! Whether it is a way to show our hate to winter weather or just a love for the bikes. Activists of the Novosibirsk non-govt organization “Hello, Bicycle!” will hold a traditional New Year’s Eve ride in the city dressed as Santa Clauses and other celebratory characters, the correspondent […]

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The Novosibirsk bar printed its own money

In the world of bitcoin it seems like everyone can issue their own money, and not necessarily high-tech style. The Novosibirsk bar “St. Patrick’s Corner” ‘printed its own money’ old school way, reminiscent of the design of dollars. “Saint-Patricks” with a nominal value of 100 units will be issued to guests who come to corporate […]

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Icons for the blind were presented in Novosibirsk

The visitors of the Novosibirsk temples are being offered a new look at the icons – “to see them” to the touch. Volumetric images were created in the workshop of the Nikolsky church in Nizhnyaya Yeltsovka. A project called “The carved relief will reveal the faces of the saints” is the first of its kind. Carved icons […]

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