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All posts by evgeny

2GIS now offers Sheregesh map

The 2GIS online/offline map service which is very popular in Novosibirsk now has the map of Sheregesh. It is famous skiing resort located in the neighboring region Kemerovo Oblast (about 7-8 hours drive from Novosibirsk). And Sheregesh is also very popular place to go for Novosibirsk people, so now that we all have its map […]

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Several well-known places close doors in Nsk

As reported by NGS, some of well-known restaurants/cafes have closed in the beginning of the 2018, the most notable of them being Mexico and La Maison. Mexico was long-time running, actually ‘old’, Mexican-themed place, which was actually great. And La Maison was probably the most expensive place in Nsk, which we can’t comment on, since […]

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Two Polish cyclists reach Novosibirsk in this weather!

It is rarely above 0 degrees C these days, but two gentlemen from Poland came to Novosibirsk from Omsk, as reported by NGS. They will continue their way to Barnaul, and their adventure is a part of Bike Jamboree project intending to reach World Scout Jamboree camp to be held in 2019 summer in USA. […]

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New flight to/from Chelyabinsk

There will be a new flight to Chelyabinsk and back, carried out twice a week, as reported RusTurism. Of notable things, the flight will be run on Embraer 170, not very usual aircraft in our land.

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Novosibirsk State University among top-500 Universities of the world

Well, that’s a bit controversial. Should we cry or should we praise? But in the article from TASS – NSU is mentioned to be somewhere in between of top 400-500 and NSTU (Novosibirsk State Technical University) somewhere between top 800 and 1000. Doesn’t seem like much, but well, much better than other Universities from cities around.

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Some weird case of using technology

As reported by Sputnik, young gentleman from Novosibirsk has got an unusual ‘power’ in unusual way. He now can tell exactly where the north is, and this is due to some implant to his chest. Not that it is very worthy ‘power’, neither it seems justifiable to alter one’s body just for that.

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