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Everything worth publishing on Novosibirsk. As usually – very skewed to our team’s tastes. 

Film Festival “From Venice to Novosibirsk”

Film festival of Italian cinema “From Venice to Novosibirsk” will be held from 9 to 14 February in our city. The traditional festival organized by the POBEDA Cinema together with the Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow in cooperation with the Venice Biennale and the Italian Embassy in Moscow, offers the Russian audience a selection […]

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English Winter Festival takes place in Novosibirsk

In Novosibirsk, the citywide English Winter Festival was launched, to which all those interested in the language and culture of England are invited. Within the framework of the festival the following will take place: two weeks of free English from February 7 to 21 in the group, trainings and lectures, watching movies in English, a […]

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Drunken birds fall from trees in Novosibirsk

The berries of mountain ash and hawthorn which are left on trees acquire a specific consistency and ferment because of temperatures drops and rises, becoming a kind of “alcoholic product”. Having eaten those thawed and fermented berries, birds get drunk and can’t navigate: they crash into cars, buildings, fall from branches. How to help the […]

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“The open scene of FLAMENСO” in Novosibirsk invites spectators!

On February 3, Novosibirsk will host a new concert of the project “The Open scene of Flamenco” where the flamenco dancers and musicians from Novosibirsk and other Siberian cities will take part. Spectators will enjoy flamenco demonstrations filled with the most vivid emotions. Venue: Cabaret-Cafe “Stray Dog” (Kamenskaya st., 32), February 3, 17-00. The entrance is 200 Roubles. Reservations by […]

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Exhibition “Siberia in antiquity”

The exhibition “Siberia in antiquity” opens tomorrow, on January 31, at the Novosibirsk State Museum of Local History . The main idea of ​​the exposition is to show a complex life of entire regions: nomadic herders in the south of Siberia, farmers in the Ob and Yenisei valleys, hunters and fishermen in the taiga, reindeer […]

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Shining lights of Siberia

“Every day in this city is as the morning cross, we feel the harmony of body, mind, knowledge and spirit … We follow our path, the obstacles only make us move faster … Each of us has our own goals. We live in Novosibirsk. There we stand and achieve something only when we move – […]

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The movie by the director from Novosibirsk is nominated for an Oscar

The film by the director from Novosibirsk, Andrei Zvyagintsev, titled ‘Loveless’ (‘Nelyubov’ in Russian) is among the nominees for the “Oscar” in the category “Best film in a foreign language,” according to the website of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts on January 23. “The purpose of the film is that you, after watching it, want to hug […]

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