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Everything worth publishing on Novosibirsk. As usually – very skewed to our team’s tastes. 

Some guy gets Lenin monument tattooed on his leg

This is crazy world. Lenin is a controversial person for sure, but getting a tattoo with him sounds gross. But that’s exactly what the American artist Mark Saviano did, as reported by – check the link out – there are crazy pics there 🙂

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Heat wave is coming!

Beware, folks, weather forecasters claims that real heat wave is coming. Well, ok, it’s not like desert-hot, but very unusual for late May in Siberia, it will be up to +30 C. Wear you shorts and hawaii shirts 🙂

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Novosibirsk airport plans upgrade

In a bit of surprising news, Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo launched a tender for terminal reconstruction as reported by Surprise hides in the fact the airport just recently finished massive reconstruction effort. Anyway, airport improvements are always welcome here.

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Better roads promised

As reported by Tayga.Info, three major roads leaving Novosibirsk to neighboring cities will get a major upgrade, with preparational work to be carried out in 2017. The best part is that the financing is from the State, so regional budget can be used on other roads, which, has to be said, didn’t get any better […]

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