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Everything worth publishing on Novosibirsk. As usually – very skewed to our team’s tastes. 

Robots show will open in Novosibirsk

The latest technology and 50 unique robots will be presented at the exhibition called “Corporation of Robots”, reports The show includes five virtual reality zones that will allow you to ride on a roller coaster, visit the ocean floor and even control a helicopter with the power of thought. Visitors will also see robo-boxing, robo-zoo and robo-football, […]

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In Novosibirsk, the first ‘dog cafe’ in Russia opened

In Novosibirsk on January 10 the Dog Cafe opened, claiming being the first in Russia of such concept – its visitors may not just drink tea, but also “unlimitedly” pat dogs which are just live in the cafe, reports The institution operates in the anti-cafe format: a visit costs 200 rubles for the first hour, then two rubles […]

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Several well-known places close doors in Nsk

As reported by NGS, some of well-known restaurants/cafes have closed in the beginning of the 2018, the most notable of them being Mexico and La Maison. Mexico was long-time running, actually ‘old’, Mexican-themed place, which was actually great. And La Maison was probably the most expensive place in Nsk, which we can’t comment on, since […]

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Traditional pre-New Year’s bike ride Grandfather Frosts

We really have something about bicycles at winter here! Whether it is a way to show our hate to winter weather or just a love for the bikes. Activists of the Novosibirsk non-govt organization “Hello, Bicycle!” will hold a traditional New Year’s Eve ride in the city dressed as Santa Clauses and other celebratory characters, the correspondent […]

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