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Everything worth publishing on Novosibirsk. As usually – very skewed to our team’s tastes. 

The Novosibirsk bar printed its own money

In the world of bitcoin it seems like everyone can issue their own money, and not necessarily high-tech style. The Novosibirsk bar “St. Patrick’s Corner” ‘printed its own money’ old school way, reminiscent of the design of dollars. “Saint-Patricks” with a nominal value of 100 units will be issued to guests who come to corporate […]

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Icons for the blind were presented in Novosibirsk

The visitors of the Novosibirsk temples are being offered a new look at the icons – “to see them” to the touch. Volumetric images were created in the workshop of the Nikolsky church in Nizhnyaya Yeltsovka. A project called “The carved relief will reveal the faces of the saints” is the first of its kind. Carved icons […]

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Two Polish cyclists reach Novosibirsk in this weather!

It is rarely above 0 degrees C these days, but two gentlemen from Poland came to Novosibirsk from Omsk, as reported by NGS. They will continue their way to Barnaul, and their adventure is a part of Bike Jamboree project intending to reach World Scout Jamboree camp to be held in 2019 summer in USA. […]

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New flight to/from Chelyabinsk

There will be a new flight to Chelyabinsk and back, carried out twice a week, as reported RusTurism. Of notable things, the flight will be run on Embraer 170, not very usual aircraft in our land.

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