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Everything worth publishing on Novosibirsk. As usually – very skewed to our team’s tastes. 

Novosibirsk State University among top-500 Universities of the world

Well, that’s a bit controversial. Should we cry or should we praise? But in the article from TASS – NSU is mentioned to be somewhere in between of top 400-500 and NSTU (Novosibirsk State Technical University) somewhere between top 800 and 1000. Doesn’t seem like much, but well, much better than other Universities from cities around.

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Some weird case of using technology

As reported by Sputnik, young gentleman from Novosibirsk has got an unusual ‘power’ in unusual way. He now can tell exactly where the north is, and this is due to some implant to his chest. Not that it is very worthy ‘power’, neither it seems justifiable to alter one’s body just for that.

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Some guy gets Lenin monument tattooed on his leg

This is crazy world. Lenin is a controversial person for sure, but getting a tattoo with him sounds gross. But that’s exactly what the American artist Mark Saviano did, as reported by – check the link out – there are crazy pics there 🙂

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Heat wave is coming!

Beware, folks, weather forecasters claims that real heat wave is coming. Well, ok, it’s not like desert-hot, but very unusual for late May in Siberia, it will be up to +30 C. Wear you shorts and hawaii shirts 🙂

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