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Read Novosibirsk news on social media

We decided to stop publishing news here, because it seems like unnecessary effort in the world of social media. But you can always find our news on the social media of your choice: Our Facebook Our Instagram Our Twitter

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The earthquake???

Did anyone feel anything? According to USGS there has been an earthquake yesterday in the close vicinity of Novosibirsk. Our best guess this was just blast which probably registered and we don’t know the nature of, but to believe in earthquake in Novosibirsk region is so strange…

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Great stuff to try in Nsk this NY holidays

NGS published great list of different events to be held during NY holidays in Nsk. Here is some portion of it in English. Ice Town on the Mikhailovskaya Naberezhnaya (riverbank) will be open from 11 to 22 o’clock everyday, and till 04 o’clock in the morning in the NY night. New bar called Nebar will […]

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Snow sculptures with a twist

What do you build in Siberia when there is lots of snow? The submarine of course! That’s exactly what some snow sculpting enthusiasts did in Novosibirsk. They created number of fairly unusual snow and ice creations in one of the Nsk courtyards. Have a look at the pics of those in the NGS article.

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A giant cake will be baked in Novosibirsk for City Day

On June 24, in honor of the city’s anniversary, Novosibirsk culinary specialists will bake a pie weighing several tons and measuring 125 meters. The cake will be assembled on the blocked roadway of the Krasny Prospect. To bake it, 70 cooks will need 560 kilograms of flour, 650 eggs, 300 kilograms of cherries, 600 kilograms of […]

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Fire show on the Mikhailovskaya embankment

On Saturday evening there will be a great concert of the festival “The Lights of Siberia”. Tamers of elements from different cities of Russia and the near abroad have been performing in Novosibirsk for the fourth year in a row. Guests can enjoy some nice tricks, stunts and pyrotechnic special effects. The concert will be held on […]

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The city festival “Times and Culture” in Zaeltsovsky Park

On May 26th “Times and Culture” festival will be held at two sites: the festival of Russian culture “Let’s meet – the family is glorious!” and the festival of medieval culture “The Time of the Varangians”. The audience will plunge into the history of the Russian land and its neighbors of the 9th-11th centuries. Folklore bands will perform, […]

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The Fifth Interregional Theater Festival “Novo-Siberian Transit” will be held in Novosibirsk on May 22 to 30

“Novo-Siberian Transit” is a competition of the best drama performances created in the three largest regions of Russia – the Urals, Siberia and the Far East – during the two preceding seasons and selected for participation by leading Russian experts in the field of theater. 105 applications were submitted for paricipation – 18 best and small-scale […]

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Newborn lunar cubs were shown in Novosibirsk Zoo

Himalayan cubs born in the Novosibirsk Zoo in January, along with their mother, the bear, Chelsea, were transferred to an aviary accessible to visitors. The first two months of life of the cubs did not leave their shelter, and only in March one of the three babies first appeared on the open air. Now the […]

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May, 9th – Victory Day!

Sharing the program of festive events, published on the portal of the NGS. On May, 9th at 8:00 the motocross “Roads of War” organized by the club “Moto-brotherhood” starts from the Circus. Anyone can ride in the column, the gathering of bikers is scheduled for 7:40. At 10:00 on Lenin Square the parade of troops of the Siberian […]

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The opera theater was planted with bright flowers

Today,  the city gardening service began planting flowers at the porch of the opera house in Novosibirsk – the flowerbeds were decorated on the eve of the May 9 celebration. Experts hope that the flowers will withstand the cold weather of May, because tagetes – “marigolds” – tolerate the cold better than other types of flowers. […]

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Traditional May Bike Ride

On Saturday, May 5, you can participate in the big spring bike ride which the activists arrange for the seventh time already. People of any age and level of training are welcome. The column of cyclists will pass through two bridges with a stop at the Monument of Glory and finish in the park “City Beginning”. Prior […]

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